What is Harmonics in Electrical Installations?

Our modern society has an increasing reliance on electrical equipment that has a positive improvement in quality of life. However, the large demand for electrical equipment has to lead to contamination of the electrical system.

Harmonics is the distortion caused by electrical equipment, for example, variable frequency drive (VFD), lighting, machinery, production line and so on.

The main risks linked to harmonics are:

  • An explosion in electrical panel and cables
  • Damage to machinery and other electrical installations
  • Overheating in electrical panel and transformers
  • Losses in electrical panel capacity
  • Loss of efficiency which reduces the current (Amp) they deliver to electrical installations.

Why is it important to fix problems with harmonics?

  • To prevent unnecessary cost to replace machinery earlier than needed
  • Prevent stop to the production line
  • Damage to machinery from harmonics is not covered by insurance companies
  • Lose warranty from the supplier of equipment
  • Avoid the main breaker shut down

How to fix harmonics?

First of all, it is required to make a study by collecting data from all panels to be done by a professional electrical engineer who is experienced in the analysis of data and suggest proper solutions which are usually installation of Active Filters or Passive Filters.

It is essential to know the proper rating of filters in order to give the best result without overestimating requirements that may lead to extra cost on the client.

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