Short Range Distance Thermal Cameras

Optimal screening distance from subject to camera is 1 meter or less.

Body Temperature Tablet 1​

Compact tablet with wifi and access control.

Body Temperature Tablet 2

Medium size tablet thermal scanner.

Body Temperature Tablet 3

Large interface tablet with wifi.

Short Distance Range Camera

Camera with mobile application and wifi.

Mini Digital Thermal Scanner

Small size body temperature scanning.

Multi People Thermal Cameras

Solutions to screen multiple people for fever at the same time.

Medium Range Distance Thermal Camera

Multi people thermal scan.

Ultra Long Distance Range Thermal Camera

For thermal screening at high foot traffic locations.

Thermal Scanners

Complete solutions for thermal scanning in public and shared spaces.

Walkthrough Metal & Fever Detector

Multipurpose thermal screening unit.

Everyday Thermal Scanner

Contactless and automatic body thermal scanner.

2 in 1 Thermal Scan & Hand Sanitizer

Automatic combination for enhanced infection control in facilities.

Other Solutions for Infection Control

Enhanced management of risks in facilities.

Handheld UV-C Sanitizer

Destroys virus on hard and soft surfaces.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

No touch dispenser with high duty stand.

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