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City 500 PMU

This high-end power monitoring unit is equipped with advanced features and available at an affordable price point, making it a great option for many installations.

  • 96 x 96 mm
  • Input …/1 & …/5A
  • Communication RS485 and Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Language : modbus , Mbus , profibus,Bacnet, GPRS…
  • It measure many parameters (please refer to our data sheet)
  • Built in memory with 8 MB
  • Wave form capture voltage and current and THD V&I
  • Data logger
  • Harmonics data recording up to 63th harmonics
  • Record Even
  • Multi-Tariff for power consumption
  • Active energy as per EN 62052 class 0.2S
  • Waveform display
  • Detect Sag and swell
  • Voltage and current fluctuation
  • RVC ( rapid voltage change )
  • Phasor diagram
  • Analog and digital output optional 

The screen shoot enclosed in our data sheet for more clarity 


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